On Friday October 25, 2019 the board of directors ordered the cancellation of the Summer Mania Reggae Concert.


Two main factors played a huge role in the board’s decision: During the xenophobic attacks in September we lost huge investors and we’ve done all we could to recover, which includes the addition of new stakeholders. The issue flaring up again in areas of Cape Town and Durban brought a new wave of concern to existing and new investors. Our company could not prevent the walkout without a very lengthy legal battle that goes against the Rastafarian way. For the second time we lost huge investors. This time the walkout was devastating.


A lot of ground was covered during our marketing, reaching up to two million people in various marketing drives. November was to see the start of more aggressive marketing campaigns.


The decision from the board of directors is final and as devastating as it is to all parties involved, there was no other option to recover from the crippling effect of the investor walkout.

Our company stands behind the belief that Reggae deserves a bigger place in South Africa, and that Reggae has the power to heal souls. Reggae deserves the big stage!